What is Safelink?

This term refers to certain web pages or blogs that are used to detect the destination link url. Whether the url link is still safe or not from various kinds of certain malware threats.

Benefits of Using Safelink?

  1. Although not paid, Safelink allows users to place independent adsense ads on web pages. This means that if your website or blog is already using adsense, the safelink site can put the same ad id. Indirectly, you will get double the adsense income.
  2. If the shortlink page looks very annoying (popup ads, popunder, floating, shadowbox etc.) then the safelink page looks like a regular content page equipped with a "continue" button.
  3. Income from advertisements on the Safelink page is more transparent because you can monitor it directly from the account dashboard
  4. Safelink has a url which can also be shortened, there are many plugins to automate the creation of safelink pages
  5. Using safelink pages saves more time, effort and thoughts. Imagine you are managing an illegal pirated blog that provides 10 download links for each post, if you use shortlinks it will be tiring to shorten urls one by one.

How safelink works?

  • You retrieve the url of the destination site (original url)
  • Putting the url of the destination site (real url)
  • The reader clicks on the destination url (original url)
  • The reader automatically redirects to the owner's safelink blog
  • Readers are provided with a follow-up link to the original site
  • Readers get what they are looking for